My Story

Storyteller. Multimedia Journalist. Copy Editor. Social Media Specialist.

writing at lake atitlan

 Sustainability Educator. Yogini. Explorer. Positivity Igniter.

patagonia skiesBeliever in the power of media to create positive change.

For me life is about sharing: sharing a story, a smile, sharing yourself, your home, your food, your ideas.

I feel empowered when the power of sharing impacts someone, when I help other people achieve their dreams, and I feel empowered when I’m dancing, always when I’m dancing.


I believe in living a mindful life that integrates conscious consumerism, health and wellness, nutrition, plant-based yumminess, yoga and stretching and general body movement, spirituality, writing, hiking, being outside, live music, exploration, the occasional craft beer and spontaneous shenanigans.

I graduated from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a degree in Print/Online Journalism. I double majored in Creative Writing with a poetry focus. While in college I interned as a reporter for a weekly human interest newspaper and a monthly human interest magazine. I worked as a science reporter and maintained a music blog. After college I freelanced as a beat reporter for local newspapers. Along the way I’ve learned copy editing skills, HTML, SEO, how to tell a story in 140 words and how to communicate with small town mayors.

Aside from journalism I’ve worked seasonal jobs at outdoor stores, music festivals, catering companies, yoga centers, and farms.

But mainly I’ve been traveling. Being on the road helped me find myself and learn what I really love and want out of life.

For now that means planting roots in a cozy North Carolina town.

I hope the musings on my blog encourage you, inspire you, give you a slice of life from a different perspective, or just simply add some sunshine to your day.

With love, flowers, and grace,


6 thoughts on “My Story

      • my twin sons are heading there March 20-March 28. They are 23 y.o. and recently graduated from UNC-Wimington where they picked up a love for surfing. We know Solo Bueno because my wife’s sister’s husband’s brother’s son is half owner of Solo Bueno although he is not living there, he is back in CA….we have been in touch with the other owner Kimberly by email.

        I was just hoping you would write back (or call if you want if you are in the U.S.) to help them prepare for their week there, i.e., anything and everything to bring in preparation (incl your thoughts on cash and debit card and credit card)… they hope to do as much surfing as possible…they are campers so they dont mind living in the outdoors for a week, …what to bring to make the week as pleasant as possible and not to come home ill or sick since they both have jobs they are coming back to the day after they return….Millones de Gracias!

      • If they love surfing then they picked the right place! Playa Guiones is a world surf destination. Solo Bueno is also great. Very laid-back, relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. Good place for surfers to stay.

        I´d love to help out in anyway I can. I´m still traveling so I don´t have access to telephone communication.

        If they want to camp, Solo Bueno offers camping for $9/night. They´ll get a discount if they stay a week. It was so hot that I didn´t even need my sleeping bag. I slept in shorts and a tank top so I didn´t need warm pjs either. It never rained while I was there, but I kept my rain fly on my tent just in case. When I was at Solo Bueno they had a few extra sleeping pads that people left behind so I was able to use those. I don´t know if that´s still the case, but I wouldn´t be surprised.

        Solo Bueno has a communal kitchen with everything you need to cook so they don´t need to bring any cooking gear. Solo Bueno also has lockers.

        The water is okay to drink, but if they have any kind of water purifier I´d recommend that if they want to be safe. Someone brought a Brita water filter to the hostel and that was extremely helpful. I´d recommend traveling with one of those if they plan on staying at one place the whole time and have extra room in their bags.

        While I was at Solo Bueno there was a bunch of leftover sunscreen and bug spray. I don´t know how much is left, but those are items I highly recommend bringing along. Sunscreen and bug spray are very expensive in Costa Rica. I´d recommend bringing any hygenic products they like because the prices for those are high as well.

        As far as money goes, I primarily used colones. I never used my debit card for purchases, only to take money out of the ATM. I felt very safe at the ATM in Guiones because it´s inside a locked room. Some places only accept cash. I brought my credit card as a backup but didn´t use that either.

        Prices in Guiones are very similar to prices in the States. I highly recommend eating at Rosies. It´s a soda, a local cafe, on the main road. Great typical Costa Rican meals for a very reasonable price.

        Let me know if you have any more questions! I hope this was helpful!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your stories, your truth, inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.

    You spend most of your time traveling, any good travel stories lately?

    I love the themes in your pieces, finding yourself, choosing to experience uncomfortable yet transformative situations in which you continue reaching new levels of understanding your being, your journey, and soul purpose, a lot of great lessons in here!

    Any insights on that soul purpose, does it lie somewhere in the healing hands you found in Guatemala? Your dancing body and movement ? Your writing as it continues? Surely a compilation of so many facets of your being…

    A common theme in your story seems to be the search for Mr. Perfect. Partnership is not for everyone, and your trouble finding such love could indicate that maybe you are meant for a life of devotion to spirit, perhaps as a devotee, without a partner. Have you ever thought about such a path? It reads as though you have met so many incredible masculine bodies on your path, yet none have managed to fill those shoes in your life.
    how goes the search for the romance you seek? If you have found it, do you feel it is a means to the end of your search in experiencing love with another ? Or does the search continue, with new partners, as you are also new each year?

    Love you story! Looking forward to reading more!

    Thanks again for sharing!


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