The 16th Annual Nocturnal Festival

So yesterday I was just about to book my flight to San Francisco for Lovevolution (which would be on my 22nd birthday), when I found out that the parade was cancelled. Cancelled as in not happening?! This can’t be possible, I thought as I re-read the story over and over and then preceded to check other sources.

Before hearing the cancellation news all I could think of was people twirling in tutus, spinning in sequins, and grooving with all sorts of crazy costumes throughout the city’s streets. And most importantly, with smiles on their faces. (Definitely not a bad thought to keep floating in my brain cells.)

So needless to say I was heartbroken. Until, I heard about The Nocturnal Festival. The festival statement reads:

“Gather one and all from all walks and points upon the globe, feast your eyes upon the sounds, hear the colors come alive. Explore the mysteries within the music, experience the wonder that is this life, this time, this moment. Gather together your deepest of energies. Let this night scream into the universe and shake the foundations of all creation. The time is now!”

And that’s just the first paragraph. The life came back to my eyes, the excitement to my blood, and I kept reading.

The Nocturnal Festival is a one-day festival- Saturday, September 25 in Southern California. The festival takes place inside and outside with five stages. No matter how I try to explain it in words, they’ll do no justice. Check out the festival’s homepage here.

But first, watch the trailer.

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