Freshly Back From Patagonia, Argentina

Early this morning I arrived at JFK New York Airport from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It seems surreal to believe that just yesterday I was walking down the streets of El Calafate and the day before that I was horseback riding in a wide open field surrounded by mountains and glaciers.

While in Argentina I hiked in Patagonia for eight consecutive days. It was an absolutely incredible experience. A complete renewal of the spirit. Inspiring. Breathtaking. Transformative. I would go back there in a heartbeat and since I ate calafate berries, legend has it that I will return.

Within the next couple of days I hope to blog about the whole experience and share tons of photos. I literally took over a thousand photos and have edited them down to around 900. I still have lots of editing to do!

Stay tuned for details about my journey to the edge of the world.

Here’s a sneak peek at Patagonia’s indescribable beauty:


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