Music Festival Season is Here!

Music Festival Season= Happy Season.

Dancing days are here again.

To me, there’s nothing in the world like those magical moments at music festivals when the band’s playing that song everyone’s singing along to as you lose yourself in the dance and become a part of it all. When people become stripped of material realities, possessions, and become united by the feeling in the air. When strangers come together as friends, as families, as one.

My festival forecast isn’t as filled as I’d like it to be this year, but I’m very excited for the ones I’m heading to.

I kicked off the season working for Clean Vibes at The Great Googa Mooga in Brooklyn.

Next week I’m headed to Tennessee to work for Clean Vibes at Bonnaroo. Happiness runs through my bones as I think about the weeks ahead.

Stay tuned for a post about working Clean Vibes at The Great Googa Mooga.

Keep on dancing and grooving as the summer air pulls us in,

Stay hydrated and happy!


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