LASIK Eye Surgery Review

It’s been one week and a couple days since I got LASIK eye surgery. So far it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. Here’s a video review of the procedure and the recovery process:

In the video I forget to mention a few things. After the eye is forced open by those hooks, the doctor puts a suction ring over the cornea to help stabilize the eye. That pressure is what caused all my broken blood vessels. While the laser was operating there’s this clicking noise that also freaked me out.

Update 12/17/12: I spent all day yesterday watching movies and my eyes were extremely dry. They still are today. I still don’t think my eyes are ready for too much screen time yet.  As far as medicines go, I’m taking the Pred Forte, Refresh and Restasis. No more Ofloxacin.

If you’re brave and up for it, check out the video of my LASIK procedure:

Here are the eye drops I mentioned in the video:

-Pred Forte, the anti-inflammatory

-Ofloxacin, the antibiotic

Restasis, to combat dry eye

Refresh Optive Advanced, for lubrication

After I use the drops I get a metallicy taste in the back of my throat.


I went to the doctor for a free consultation to see if I was even a candidate for LASIK. I stopped wearing my contacts 3 weeks before the surgery. During that time I had to use Restasis every morning and night.


No exercising for the first week or so; no hot tubs or swimming and no make-up. I had an eye appointment with my regular eye doctor one day after and one week after. I just scheduled my one month post surgery appointment.

Surgery Details:

I got my surgery at Clarity Refractive Services in West Orange, NJ. Dr. Fox was my surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone. The surgery was $4,850, which covers all the pre- and post-doctor’s visits and insures you for life. Some insurance plans offer a special plan, which reduces the total cost.

If you have any questions about the surgery feel free to ask me!


8 thoughts on “LASIK Eye Surgery Review

  1. Hi April I am so happy your Lasik worked out. I am actually currently considering Lasik at Clarity with Dr. Fox but there is also another center in the area with another equally respected surgeon and am having trouble deciding. (TLC with Dr. Speaker). I was wondering if you checked any other Lasik centers before selecting Clarity. I was also wondering if you could provide more details on Dr. Fox himself. Any and every bit of information you got I would love to hear it, I am very nervous about picking a surgeon and the more “inside” information the better!

    • Hi Victor, I’m so glad the surgery worked too! It has honestly been one of the best decisions of my life. I think it’s wonderful that you are considering it. I actually didn’t check out any other LASIK centers. Before getting the surgery I was pressed for time and knew someone who got the surgery at LASIK. He had nothing but good things to say about Dr. Fox. After getting my friend’s opinion and researching Dr. Fox I decided to go with Dr. Fox. Dr. Fox was very knowledgeable and professional. The surgery was so fast and for the most part I felt comfortable with Dr. Fox performing the surgery. Definitely take the time to look into surgeons that you would feel the most comfortable with. Let me know if you have any more questions! Best of luck!

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