Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you very much.

Feeling the spirit of love and friendship all around at the Mystical Yoga Farm, I decided to indulge this Valentine’s Day. As I was growing up I enjoyed having a special someone be my Valentine. This year I’ve decided that that special someone is me.

Leela, a lovely Karma Yogi who inspires me every day, led a poetry and yoga workshop last week. It was my day off so I missed the workshop, but Leela gave me the prompt: write an ecstatic love poem to yourself. Be as mushy and loving as possible. Read Leela’s gorgeous love poem at her blog Zen BootCamp.

Love and acceptance are broader themes to personal subjects I’m working on constantly. Loving myself is an important part of that process. Happy Valentine’s Day to the people I love very much, including myself. Please share your self-love poems in the comments section.
Here’s mine:

To my love of many lifetimes,

I want to kiss each tip

of your fingers. I want to caress

your clavicles and stroke

your neck.

I love you.

All of your faults, criticisms- I accept.

I accept you for who you are.

I accept all of you. I want you to know

I’m here for you.

Give me all your pain, all your despair,

all your heartache. I will hold

your hand and build you back up.

You are the honey

at the bottom of my cup.

You give me strength and courage

to move on, to continue,

to follow my heart,

to break free. You show me

how to live my life,

how to keep loving

no matter what.

Thank you for giving

again and again.

For giving even when

there was nothing else.

You taste the nectar of life

without pausing to be cautious.

You are fluidity. You inspire me.

Thank you for loving me

when I’ve cheated you,

disappointed you, abandoned you.

I want to dance with you

without worrying about

who watches.

You are radiating a halo into the universe.

I want to light candles just for us.

You are deserving

of this, of everything.

Thanks for all your sweetness

coming from your sweet heart.

You are the sweetest song

and I will sing along.

I want to melt into your grace.

You save my life day after day.

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