Review: Apache Lake Music Festival

When I found out a music festival including my favorite Arizona bands was occurring on my birthday, I knew I had to go.

Apache Lake Music Festival was Friday, October 1st and Saturday, October 2nd, but I only went on Saturday.

This won’t be much of a review of the show because I didn’t catch all of the bands, but I’ll share bits of my experience from what I did see.

(This was our breath-taking view for a majority of the ride.)

After driving through an hour of soaring canyons and jagged rock formations at elevations of 1,900 feet along a cliff’s edge, we made it to Apache Lake around 4 p.m.

We were able to catch the very end of the Sugar Thieves’ soulful set. (Good thing they play in Tempe frequently so I can catch them again soon.) As the set was ending, the light drizzle turned into thick raindrops and everyone frantically moved the equipment inside. Thankfully the bands were able to continue playing inside. Inside they were also able to play longer sets. So even though the outside stage was set against a beautiful backdrop, being inside wasn’t too bad at all.

Black Carl, the first band to play inside, broke it down with Emma Pew’s raspy powerful voice. They finished their set with a badass beat boxing rap about all kinds of fabulous gangsta activities.

I was too busy enjoying myself to even remember where I placed my camera. I retrieved it for What Laura Says and snapped these pictures:

What Laura Says

What Laura Says

What Laura Says

What Laura Says

What Laura Says

Once again What Laura Says captured my body into a dancing frenzy. (If you couldn’t tell by the movement in the pictures.) They opened with two songs from Bloom Cheek, “Training” and “On the Fence” (Same as when I saw them a week before. Check out that review on my other blog here.) played an upbeat whirl of psychedelic rock songs throughout and then finished with two covers.

I almost lost it when they played my favorite Beatles song, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).” This was definitely my favorite part of the night.

As they closed out with a rock-induced version of Sly and the Family Stone’s “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” everyone couldn’t help but belt along. I definitely was able to be myself so thank you What Laura Says.

After that I only caught bits of Dry River Yacht Club’s set and Strange Young Things’ set. I’ll admit– I was too busy celebrating my birthday at the bar and meeting people outside.

But overall it was a really great festival filled with a great atmosphere, great energy, good vibes and good people. Wherever you went people were waving, smiling and saying hello. A festival with the sound of laughter, feet stomping and tunes vibrating is a good one to me.